The Foundation of Our Lives

Even in these hazy lazy days of summer, our days are full of doings – of many kinds and for many reasons. Why do we do what we do? Answers vary with circumstance:… Continue reading

How to take a real vacation

It’s summer, and 58% of Americans are likely to take vacations – some by plane, most by car. Vacations have countless motivations: visit friends or family, change scenery, change pace, have fun, relax,… Continue reading

Our Sacred Cows

We all have “sacred cows” – ideas, habits and commitments seemingly so core to who we are that we might hold them nearly inviolate.  Often they seem like the bedrock of our lives… Continue reading

In Cloud’s Shadow: Spirituality and Darkness

Is it just me, or lately do there seem to be more clouds of confusion and despair obscuring hearts, minds, communities and public discourse? As I write these words, even my East Coast… Continue reading

The reason for patience

If patience is a virtue, then I tend not to feel especially virtuous.  Often I want (now) to fix (now) what’s wrong in the world (now) – and rush hour traffic can seem… Continue reading

What Judge Abdus-Salaam’s Death Teaches Us About Assumptions

On April 12, 2017, the New York Police Department found Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Associate Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, floating dead in the Hudson River.  She was eulogized on May 26,… Continue reading

Passing the Flame Forward: A Letter from Rachel and David

In early 2015 it was announced that we would serve as the next co-chairs of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal.  Today we announce that we are stepping down. Our term will end in… Continue reading

A Missing Friend is a Holy Clue

We all know how it feels to be sick. What I didn’t realize until recently is that what scientists call “sickness behaviors” – lethargy, self-care and social withdrawal – can have vital social… Continue reading

Shabbat, renewal, and you

A d’var Torah offered at Congregation Bet Ha’Am in Portland, Maine. Offered aloud by Rabbi Rachel; jointly written by R’ Rachel and R’ David. Welcome home. Why am I welcoming you home when you… Continue reading

Lessons learned from saying yes to a differently-abled bar mitzvah boy

“They” said “Jon” couldn’t possibly manage a bar mitzvah. Jon is a teen with physical, cognitive and emotional special needs, whose parents heard “can’t” countless times from countless people in so-called authority. “They” are… Continue reading