Resilience . . . Cain after Abel

Our High Holy Day theme of “resilience” was so impactful that we’re dedicating this new year of Torah blogs to it. How does each weekly Torah portion reflect Judaism’s enduring resilience and invite… Continue reading

Prayer after the shooting

I loved and grieved from the day you claimed your free will, Knowing that you too would open into infinite love and grief, Knowing how your hearts would bloom with gratitude and hope… Continue reading

Exhaling After the Holidays

Like Whitney Houston’s 1995 movie hit about four friends living through different phases of love and life, many in post-Yom Kippur life are experiencing some version of Waiting to Exhale. Some exhale with relief… Continue reading

Getting to Yes

  Gmar chatimah tovah.  May you be sealed in the Book of Life for joy, creativity, belonging and love – for the shalom (peace) and shleimut (wholeness) you need most. Fittingly for Yom Kippur, I have a confession.  Judaism’s… Continue reading

Paying up

“I beg of you: do not walk by without pausing to attend to this rather ridiculous performance – It could mean something; it could mean everything; It could mean: You must change your… Continue reading

Renewing our holy wholeness

Shanah tovah.  Welcome to 5778 and to renewing our holy journey together as we “return to the land of our souls.” For 3,000 years, our people have craved shalom – peace within, peace… Continue reading

The great rebalance of heaven and earth

Here they come again – those great, holy wondrous Days of Awe. Something about the 10 days from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur calls us back to ourselves – back to community, back… Continue reading

The Way We Were – Anniversaries, September 11, and Standing Together Again

Today is the 16th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. For awhile, 9/11 changed much about how we see ourselves, each other and the world. For many, these changes are… Continue reading

The Appetite for Hate

These weeks leading to Rosh Hashanah – especially amidst the tumult of the world – call us to seek and find the good in each other, and make good on our own call… Continue reading

Judaism’s Three Rs for the 21st Century

Decades of educators used the Three Rs as a teaching slogan. Think what we may of “reading, writing and arithmetic,” the Three Rs are a catchy enough line that most of us recognize it. The… Continue reading