Building the Trusting Heart

Pretend you’re designing and building a new state Capitol. Imagine in precise detail the stones, woodwork, glass, tools, glue, joints, wiring and metalwork you’d need: such immense architectural plans could fill books. Now imagine getting… Continue reading

Seeing Bigger

Travel in your mind to the top of our atmosphere, where Earth’s envelope of life-giving oxygen and nitrogen blends into the cold vacuum of space. Looking down from that heady height, as astronauts have done since 1961, the Earth… Continue reading

A Space for Spirit

Perspective is everything. How we see the world – our point of view – shapes how the world affects us and thus how we live. The opposite also is true: how we live shapes… Continue reading

From Sigh to Song: A Way Toward Freedom

Jews are a People of the Book; Jews also are a People of the Song. In fear, poverty, war and exile, song packed light and eased the way. This spiritual secret is encoded in Jewish spiritual DNA: we can sing… Continue reading

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

It never fails. At first we feel gratitude for gifts and blessings, but memory fades and gratitude drains. We’re not ingrates, but recall and attention are limited: life naturally gets in the way.… Continue reading

Everything Old is New Again

It’s that time again – retrospectives on the secular year now ending, Top 10 lists, New Years resolutions, new calendars, the Baby New Year myth become childhood cartoon, renewed diets and gym routines perhaps… Continue reading

Angels We Have Heard On High

“Merry Christmas,” says this pulpit rabbi and co-chair of the Jewish Renewal movement. Regardless of our theologies and beliefs, the message of Christmas is worthy for Jews to think deeply about – but we need to get clear… Continue reading

Becoming the Light

“Hope springs eternal,” wrote essayist Alexander Pope. This sentiment forms the spiritual core ofChanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, and (not coincidentally) also this week’s Torah portion, Miketz. Hope, by its nature, transcends perceived reality… Continue reading

It’s Thanksgiving, But What if One Doesn’t Feel Thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving. Now, let’s get real: Some don’t feel thankful today. We might feel like the turkeys got us down. We might feel burdened by hosting, harried by travel, lonely for having nowhere to go, bothered for… Continue reading

Every Rock: The Art of Awe

Every Jewish house of worship echoes the iconic scene in this week’s Torah portion (Vayetze). Jacob takes a rock and places it under his head for a pillow. He dreams of a ladder… Continue reading