Angels We Have Heard On High

“Merry Christmas,” says this pulpit rabbi and co-chair of the Jewish Renewal movement. Regardless of our theologies and beliefs, the message of Christmas is worthy for Jews to think deeply about – but we need to get clear… Continue reading

Becoming the Light

“Hope springs eternal,” wrote essayist Alexander Pope. This sentiment forms the spiritual core ofChanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, and (not coincidentally) also this week’s Torah portion, Miketz. Hope, by its nature, transcends perceived reality… Continue reading

It’s Thanksgiving, But What if One Doesn’t Feel Thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving. Now, let’s get real: Some don’t feel thankful today. We might feel like the turkeys got us down. We might feel burdened by hosting, harried by travel, lonely for having nowhere to go, bothered for… Continue reading

Every Rock: The Art of Awe

Every Jewish house of worship echoes the iconic scene in this week’s Torah portion (Vayetze). Jacob takes a rock and places it under his head for a pillow. He dreams of a ladder… Continue reading

Of Challah-ween, Havdalah-ween and Yaakov Lanterns

If you’re reading this post during October, it’ll soon be Halloween – that great Jewish holiday. Yes, you read that right. (Well, sort of.) In no obvious sense is Halloween a Jewish holiday.… Continue reading

False Starts and the Art of Renewal

  Beginnings tend to be messy: ask anyone who’s ever given birth, tilled the soil, sculpted, composed, or built something to last. By their nature, beginnings tend to begin unformed and void, at… Continue reading

The Spirituality of Just Hanging Out (Shemini Atzeret Edition)

Sunday night (October 4, 2015) begins Shemini Atzeret, the last festival in the summer/fall Jewish holiday cycle. For many moderns, Shemini Atzeret is obscure, confusing or irrelevant – but investing ourselves in this holiday… Continue reading

Yom Kippur 2015 / 5776: “Who Would You Be if You Lost it All?”

G’mar chatimah tovah.  For every worthy hope and every healing you seek this year, may it be sealed for good. I want to share a true story about David Gregory, former host of… Continue reading

Rosh Hashanah 2015 / 5776 – Seeking the Face of God

Our theme for this year’s High Holy Day season is “Seeking,” drawn from Psalm 27, our musical anthem that’s a love song with God: You called to my heart: “Come seek My face… Continue reading

The divine dance of forgiveness

This weekend (September 4-5, 2015) traditionally brings the Selichot service of inner awareness and penitence in readiness for the High Holy Day journey of teshuvah (return, amends). There’s no more apt moment to spiritually… Continue reading