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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Part of a yearlong series on resilience in Jewish spiritual life. Today’s shrill era in which some vocally try to silence others isn’t new. The only difference is that more of us – at… Continue reading

The Rush of Resilience: Loving More Than Yourself

Part of a yearlong series on resilience in spiritual life. Meet a 99-year-old gentleman who yesterday circumcised himself and today runs a fever. Age and Infirmity aside, he runs to greet surprise guests… Continue reading

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring – the Resilience of Noach

Part of a year-long series about resilience in Jewish life. Picture it.  The world as you know it will end.  You have time to prepare yourself but must bear the derision of disbelievers.… Continue reading

Resilience . . . Cain after Abel

Our High Holy Day theme of “resilience” was so impactful that we’re dedicating this new year of Torah blogs to it. How does each weekly Torah portion reflect Judaism’s enduring resilience and invite… Continue reading

The great rebalance of heaven and earth

Here they come again – those great, holy wondrous Days of Awe. Something about the 10 days from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur calls us back to ourselves – back to community, back… Continue reading

The Appetite for Hate

These weeks leading to Rosh Hashanah – especially amidst the tumult of the world – call us to seek and find the good in each other, and make good on our own call… Continue reading

The Foundation of Our Lives

Even in these hazy lazy days of summer, our days are full of doings – of many kinds and for many reasons. Why do we do what we do? Answers vary with circumstance:… Continue reading

How to take a real vacation

It’s summer, and 58% of Americans are likely to take vacations – some by plane, most by car. Vacations have countless motivations: visit friends or family, change scenery, change pace, have fun, relax,… Continue reading

Our Sacred Cows

We all have “sacred cows” – ideas, habits and commitments seemingly so core to who we are that we might hold them nearly inviolate.  Often they seem like the bedrock of our lives… Continue reading

The reason for patience

If patience is a virtue, then I tend not to feel especially virtuous.  Often I want (now) to fix (now) what’s wrong in the world (now) – and rush hour traffic can seem… Continue reading