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The Soul of Waiting

“Time waits for no one,” quips the adage, but maybe that’s backward. Maybe the soul of healthy waiting is cultivating a healthy sense of timelessness that we don’t try to control. Easier said… Continue reading

“Say No to Non!” – Let’s Ban the Phrase “Non-Jew”

To all who care about the Jewish community and the Jewish future, let’s ban the phrase “non-Jew.” Let’s never again speak this phrase or even think it. People in spiritual life are too… Continue reading

See Different: Don’t look now, but Passover’s not over.

Actually, scratch that. Please look now – right now – and see this: the point of Passover isn’t the Seder. Yes, Passover’s symbols, stories, foods and traditions can be highlights of the year. For millions, that’s… Continue reading

Target the Heart

How should I respond to my congregants who express fear, helplessness, and hopelessness about school lockdowns and assault weapons in the hands of crazy people?” I asked this question after an “active shooter”… Continue reading

Nu, What’s New?

What’s new?  No, not the colloquial “What’s up?” but rather “What’s new in your life?” Like a Russian matryoshka doll, this question contains other questions that telescope toward a central core: “How well do… Continue reading

How Small Stuff Can Set Big Examples

A funny moment reminded me how anyone’s small behaviors can affect others in big ways. A synagogue invited me and a colleague for a weekend teaching spirituality. As guests invited to explore “spiritual Judaism,”… Continue reading

A Century Since Balfour: Israel and the Trap of Over-Simplifying

It’s a momentous anniversary for Israel and world Jewry. This week marks 100 years since the Balfour Declaration (November 2, 1917) conveyed the British government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Mideast territory under British… Continue reading

Exhaling After the Holidays

Like Whitney Houston’s 1995 movie hit about four friends living through different phases of love and life, many in post-Yom Kippur life are experiencing some version of Waiting to Exhale. Some exhale with relief… Continue reading

The Way We Were – Anniversaries, September 11, and Standing Together Again

Today is the 16th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. For awhile, 9/11 changed much about how we see ourselves, each other and the world. For many, these changes are… Continue reading

Judaism’s Three Rs for the 21st Century

Decades of educators used the Three Rs as a teaching slogan. Think what we may of “reading, writing and arithmetic,” the Three Rs are a catchy enough line that most of us recognize it. The… Continue reading