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First Build: Seven Foundation Principles for Spiritual Builders

We’re all stardust, re-mixed chemical elements forged in some distant supernova.  We’re all broken shards, fallen from the primordial shattering. We’re all reflected light, glimmering with the Source of Light.  We’re all builders,… Continue reading

Nevertheless, She Persisted: A Purim Tribute for Women’s History Month

Just in time for Purim comes this resource offered on the Bayit Builders’ Blog: Nevertheless, She Persisted: A Purim Tribute for Women’s History Month. This trope mash-up of Esther and the 2/7/2017 Congressional… Continue reading

Connecting to the Tree of Life

By Rabbi Rachel Barenblat and Rabbi David Markus Originally published as part of the Auburn Voices series at Auburn Seminary. Tu b’Shevat, the “New Year of the Trees,” is coming at the next full… Continue reading

See Your Way to Freedom

Part of a yearlong series about resilience in Jewish spiritual life. Freedom! For many, freedom is the spiritual goal – to be free of suffering, free of burden, even free of the travails… Continue reading