The Mishkan’s Next Digital (R)Evolution

Reb Zalman Memorial Shabbaton 2020 June 13, 2020 • 21 Sivan 5780 מה נורא המקום הזה How awesome is this body! How awesome is this place! How awesome is this journey Through time and… Continue reading

Statement of Prayer and Solidarity: Black Lives Matter

Statement of Prayer and Solidarity Rabbi David Evan Markus Temple Beth El of City Island June 6, 2020 Dear friends, let us pray. Holy One of Blessing: Today is the Jewish Sabbath, a… Continue reading

On Denominations Post-Pandemic – for the Forward

QUESTION: Will Jewish denominations survive the pandemic? Should they survive? What would American Judaism be without denominations? ANSWER: Denominations will survive – but what should they mean in the emerging digital world of… Continue reading

“Silent” Tribute to the Dead of Covid-19

“Silent” Tribute to the Dead of Covid-19 A D’var Torah for Parashat Shemini By Rabbi David Markus Spiritually speaking, what should we say amidst 120,000 covid-19 deaths? Surely there must be something we should say, some… Continue reading

What Torah Doesn’t Say

Sometimes it’s what Torah doesn’t say. Listen to Torah’s silence and she might reveal whole new worlds just waiting for you to hear them into being. With this week’s Parashat Terumah, Torah begins… Continue reading

Live Like You’re Dying

Parashat Vayehi 5780 A D’var Torah for Parashat Vayehi By Rabbi David Markus This last Torah portion of the Book of Genesis (Vayeḥi) concludes the drama of Jacob, Joseph and his brothers. The… Continue reading

Parking lot angels, intercessory prayer, and being real

Parashat Hayei Sarah A D’var Torah for Parashat Hayei Sarah By Rabbi David MarkusI stopped counting how often I hear, “God loves me: I got a great parking spot.” Even some clergy, spiritual… Continue reading

Yom Kippur 5780: Waking Up In Hospice

Gut yuntif.  From my soul to yours, may this year’s next turning of soul be for a year of true goodness and deep meaning for us all. As some of you know, I spent… Continue reading

Making sense of spiritual lag

Rosh Hashanah brings a spiritual lag between the year’s reboot and Torah’s reboot, like our northern latitude’s seasonal lag between sun angle and temperature. This spiritual lag raises two questions. First, shouldn’t Rosh Hashanah,… Continue reading

The Soul of Action: The Risks We Must Take

Shanah tovah!  Welcome, all you beautiful souls, to our year 5780 – may it be sweet and full of goodness. Tonight we come together to reaffirm Jewish life – for community, continuity and comfort.  We come… Continue reading