Answering With Great Joy

It’s an occupational hazard. We clergy so delight in bringing Torah to life and liturgy to life that we might unashamedly “geek out” – especially when we do both at the same time. When… Continue reading

What Men In Jail Can Teach Us About Joy

Actually, it didn’t happen in a jail, which typically houses shorter-term detentions.  It happened in Sing Sing Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison operated by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, where… Continue reading

Power Tools For Spiritual Building

Part of a yearlong series on Torah wisdom about building and builders. The first weeks of Bayit’s Builder’s Blog harvested keystone principles about building the Jewish future – from primordial foundations of building, to… Continue reading

Keeping the Mind in Mind: The Essence of Pluralism

Exciting news: studying theology can teach us how to think and even build secular careers! Whatever one’s beliefs, immersion in the complexities of sacred text can expand perspective and cultivate character. Studying theology can make the… Continue reading

Genesis (En)Gendered: An Angelic View from Eden’s Way 

This momentous #metoo #ibelieveyou moment urges us to see old stories with new eyes. Reading sacred texts with ever renewing eyes is one of many ways that theology teaches us how to see and think – to… Continue reading

First Build: Seven Foundation Principles for Spiritual Builders

We’re all stardust, re-mixed chemical elements forged in some distant supernova.  We’re all broken shards, fallen from the primordial shattering. We’re all reflected light, glimmering with the Source of Light.  We’re all builders,… Continue reading

The Vision Before You

Gmar chatimah tovah.  It is so good to see each and every one of you on this holy vision-quest day of Yom Kippur. Vision is this year’s spiritual theme.  On Rosh Hashanah we… Continue reading

Resilience in endings… and new beginnings

Last in a series on resilience in Jewish spiritual life. For a whole year’s Torah cycle of weeks, we’ve been looking to Torah for resilience lessons. We began with Cain as an unlikely resilience teacher. … Continue reading

Holy Vision and Optical Delusion

Shanah tovah.  It’s so good to see each and every one of you. In 1952, Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, visited the U.S. on a fundraising mission.  Fresh off Israel’s miraculous War… Continue reading

When (bad) things happen to (good) people

Part of a yearlong series about resilience in Jewish spiritual life. When are you most likely to ask “why” about your life? Especially when life seems difficult or unfair, we ask “why” because… Continue reading