Genesis (En)Gendered: An Angelic View from Eden’s Way 

This momentous #metoo #ibelieveyou moment urges us to see old stories with new eyes. Reading sacred texts with ever renewing eyes is one of many ways that theology teaches us how to see and think – to… Continue reading

First Build: Seven Foundation Principles for Spiritual Builders

We’re all stardust, re-mixed chemical elements forged in some distant supernova.  We’re all broken shards, fallen from the primordial shattering. We’re all reflected light, glimmering with the Source of Light.  We’re all builders,… Continue reading

The Vision Before You

Gmar chatimah tovah.  It is so good to see each and every one of you on this holy vision-quest day of Yom Kippur. Vision is this year’s spiritual theme.  On Rosh Hashanah we… Continue reading

Resilience in endings… and new beginnings

Last in a series on resilience in Jewish spiritual life. For a whole year’s Torah cycle of weeks, we’ve been looking to Torah for resilience lessons. We began with Cain as an unlikely resilience teacher. … Continue reading

Holy Vision and Optical Delusion

Shanah tovah.  It’s so good to see each and every one of you. In 1952, Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, visited the U.S. on a fundraising mission.  Fresh off Israel’s miraculous War… Continue reading

When (bad) things happen to (good) people

Part of a yearlong series about resilience in Jewish spiritual life. When are you most likely to ask “why” about your life? Especially when life seems difficult or unfair, we ask “why” because… Continue reading

Don’t Just Sit There: Feel Something

Here’s a radical idea that I wish weren’t radical: if you consistently feel nothing in the Jewish community, it’s time to take notice and ask why. And a corollary: if you serve the… Continue reading

Resilience when we would rather not remember

Part of a yearlong series on resilience in Jewish spiritual life. It’s just a few weeks until Rosh Hashanah.  The Jewish season of teshuvah (repentance, repair, return) is upon us. And of course, what we… Continue reading

What We Remember in Our Feet

“What We Remember in Our Feet” Cragsmoor Stone Church August 19, 2018   Happy Sunday to you.  And thank you – especially Deacon Jeff Slade – for inviting me to share in today’s service… Continue reading

The eye is in the hand of the beholder

Part of a yearlong series on resilience in Jewish spiritual life. If art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, then what about spirituality and especially communal spirituality?  And when we… Continue reading